What You Must to Look for When Choosing Plants at a Flower Nursery

16 Jul

Most people love buying flower seedlings for planting in their gardens during the spring gardening thrill.  This is because flowers usually make a homestead very attractive and impressive.  However, it is vital to exercise prudence when buying flower seedlings from a nursery.  When the seedlings are small, it can be easy for you to get duped to buy what you don't want.  Thus, you should be a smart shopper when buying the seedlings to avoid disappointment later on.  This article gives an insight into what you need to look for when choosing seedlings at a flower nursery.

Look for Leaves and Not Flowers

Though it is tempting to purchase plants that are already loaded with blooms, sometimes that may not be the best.  It is advisable to buy plants that are leafier than those that are already in full bloom.  However, if you are looking for a specific color of the flower, then it would be suitable to wait for the plants to bloom before buying.  Other than that, choosing leafy plants is the best thing to do since it shows how healthy the plant is. Check out Decker's Nursery or find a good florist in greenlawn new york.

Inspect Plant Roots

When buying seedlings, many people do not bother to check the roots of the plants.  However, it is essential to inspect the roots before making a purchase.  You should not be afraid of taking the plant out of the pot.  This is to make sure that the plant is not root bound.  Nevertheless, if you happen to buy seedlings whose roots are a thick mass, you should use a knife to cut through the roots so as to loosen them before planting.  Also, make sure to water that plant adequately until it establishes well.

Consult the Professionals

Before buying the plants, it is worthwhile to consult a worker who may have helpful information about the plants.  The employees of the nursery owner can save you a lot of wandering and frustration.  You should also let them know about how shady or sunny your yard is and the composition of your soil.  Also, tell them about your experience, and they will advise you accordingly and give you the right plants for your yard.

Prepare Your Yard

It is also wise to prepare your yard before you buy the flower seedlings.  Testing the soil is also important so as to know the type of soil you are dealing with.  At the same time, check how much sun gets to the different areas of your yard by watching it for a day or two.  All this information will help you greatly when choosing plants from a nursery. Read more tips on this here: https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2016/04/12/plant-buying-guide_n_9670492.html.

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